5 Tips for voksne svømmere

Swimming Lessons For Adults – 5 Tips

By C. J. Harrison

Swimming can be a great workout and fun activity for just about any age. Because of the benefits of swimming, a lot of people look at it as a supplement to working out. Not only will it help you tone up your body, it also is probably one of the most enjoyable activities you can do all summer long. Here are 5 tips to get the most out of your swim.

Tip 1

The basic idea of swimming is to maintain a horizontal position and use the least amount of energy possible. You are able to maximize your work out this way, not only by time but also by swimming distance. This should be achieved by using fluid movements and not over straining each stroke you do. Never overwork your self in a pool or other body of water without someone with you.

Tip 2

Swimming is best done with the least amount of strokes, but with each stroke you need to push back the maximum amount of water, otherwise you will be working much more than you have too.

Tip 3

Start with the breaststroke, as it’s the easiest to start with. Keep your legs narrow using only small movements for them. All forward arm movements should be done out of the water, otherwise you will be pushing water against you increasing your load against your body.

Tip 4

The backstroke is another easy workout and swim for most because it allows you to breathe whenever you want. When doing this swim, you move each arm into a stroke, you should be looking at your opposite hip compared to the arm movement. So if you’re making a stroke with your right arm you should be focused on your left hip and vice versa.

Tip 5

The last thing you should do is watch other swimmers. Most of the strokes and swims need to be visually shown for you to gain the benefits of them. This is often easier said then done, but with some time you should be able to maximize each of your swims.

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